Team Building



At Lockology Columbus Escape Room we make team building fun.  Our events are perfect for you corporate outing.  Escape Rooms offer a challenging environment for your team to work cohesively towards a common goal, not unlike the workplace.  We offer an enhanced experience to help you highlight and asses you team individual personalities and traits.  See below for our team building options.   

Team Building Options

Escape Room Experience

Your team working together to solve clues and complete the room objective in 60 minutes or less.  This is a great activity to see how your team works together towards a common goal.  Escape rooms incorporate the pressure of completing a task on time, working as a team, and partnering on separate tasks.

Team Assessment

Prior to you event we will email you a link with access to a personality assessment.  You will have each team member fill this out.  We will video the event for one of our corporate team member to review.  Following the review of the event you will be provided the personality assessment for your team and a review of your teams effectiveness in problem solving.

Personalized Game

We will customize our game to surprise your team members.  Your coworkers name in the scenario, use their picture as one of the characters, or even incorporate their work into the game.  You imagination is our drive and we can add a memorable personalized experience to your event. 

Surprise Ending

Do you have a surprise for your team?  We can help you break the news in a fun way.  Maybe one of your team members is getting a promotion, maybe its a retirement announcement.  Maybe you are a wonderful boss and are giving everyone a raise.    What every the surprise we can make it memorable!

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