Team Building



At Lockology Columbus Escape Room we make team building fun.  Our events are perfect for you corporate outing.  Escape Rooms offer a challenging environment for your team to work cohesively towards a common goal, not unlike the workplace.  We offer an enhanced experience to help you highlight and asses you team individual personalities and traits.  See below for our team building options.   

Team Building Options

Escape Room Experience

Your team working together to solve clues and complete the room objective in 60 minutes or less.  This is a great activity to see how your team works together towards a common goal.  Escape rooms incorporate the pressure of completing a task on time, working as a team, and partnering on separate tasks.

Team Assessment*

Prior to you event we will email you a link with access to a personality assessment.  You will have each team member fill this out.  We will video the event for one of our corporate team member to review.  Following the review of the event you will be provided the personality assessment for your team and a review of your teams effectiveness in problem solving.

  • *Additional costs for these options.  May be added at checkout.

Escape Rooms are the Perfect 21st-Century Team Builder

By Lockology Columbus Escape Room | March 15, 2018

People love to do what they’re good at. It’s the role of a team leader to help them discover what that is, as well as to surround them with similarly-motivated employees. But finding an activity that is a team builder is tough. Too often, team-building events are used as excuses to get out of the office […]


Experiencing an Escape Room

By Lockology Columbus Escape Room | March 15, 2018

  Your cell phone rings, it’s the department. You answer your phone and listen as your boss gives you an address. There’s been another murder and this time it’s at Lockology Escape Rooms in Columbus, OH. You assemble your team of investigators and head to the crime scene. For sixty minutes, you and your team will be […]


A Great Escape from Boredom for Family and Friends

By Lockology Columbus Escape Room | March 15, 2018

Sometimes it can be hard for the family and friends to try and do something fun together. Parents plop in front of the TV, kids are glued to their tablets. Or you go out with your friends, but everyone’s texting away on their phones. And sure, you’re all hanging out, but don’t you wish you […]


Not Your Typical Team Building Experience

By Lockology Columbus Escape Room | March 15, 2018

Problem-solving, working under pressure, communication and leadership are four skills you will have an opportunity to explore with your employees and coworkers during a team building session at Lockology Columbus Escape Room. Get locked into a themed puzzle room with your team to try to solve clues and escape the room. It is a much more entertaining and interactive experience than your typical corporate team building event.

4 Reasons to Take Your Team Members to An Escape Room for a Fun Night Out

By Lockology Columbus Escape Room | March 14, 2018

If you want to boost productivity in the workplace, you should organize after-work events. Taking your team members to an escape room is a great way to improve their performance.

Lockology, An Escape From Your Couch

By Lockology Columbus Escape Room | March 14, 2018

Lockology Escape Rooms offers exactly the solution to the social media zombie craze that your family needs! You’ll have to work together to find and examine clues in order to complete such disparate tasks as solving a ‘murder’ or simply escaping from a room into which you’ve all been locked.


Challenges Can Launch A Solid Team Building Adventure

By Lockology Columbus Escape Room | February 16, 2018

The key to a solid team is providing a challenging and fun team building adventure that your staff will remember. Often, conflicting personality styles create the need for outside influence to take control and manipulate a situation to allow for everyone’s success. But when people are forced to work together, magical moments of peace and […]


Movie Scene Escape Room

By Lockology Columbus Escape Room | February 16, 2018

Every business does not consist of individual employees as much as teams of people dedicated to solving problems that help the company produce the goods or services that create a profit. A recent article in the Balance suggests that a major part of making a business run smoothly is to turn groups of individuals into a team […]


An Escape From Reality

By Lockology Columbus Escape Room | February 16, 2018

Let’s face it, life in the world of work can become stressful. At times, even seeing our peers and co-workers on a daily basis can become repetitive. This is where we can all use a company retreat. After all, we do see these people every day! Enter our modern day escapes or escape rooms to be exact. […]


Corporate Escape: Off Site Team Building

By Lockology Columbus Escape Room | February 16, 2018

Columbus, OH executives are making use of an exciting and innovative team building platform: Escape Rooms. This relatively new form of entertainment has been sweeping the nation for about a decade. More recently, their potential as an excellent off-site team building opportunity is being realized. What is an Escape Room? The original escape rooms were developed to […]