Mayan Temple of Knowledge

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Mayan Temple of Knowledge


You and your team of archaeologists have just discovered the long lost Mayan Temple of Knowledge. As you venture into the temple you become trapped. Suddenly a voice echoes through the temple. It's the Mayan God of Knowledge and he will only release you back to the world when you have proven your worthiness. You must pass his trials by using your knowledge and logic. If successful you will be released to share upon the world, your great discovery.

This room is filled with the magical puzzles of the Mayan God of Knowledge.  You will need to use all your skills to pass his trials and escape with the ancient secrets of the Mayan people.  This room is filled with hidden technology that presents a magical world.  You will need to master patterns, logic, and the Mayan language to escape this temple.  With colorful lighting and 100% custom built puzzles you are sure to experience an escape room like no other in the city.

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