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How to Have A Killer Birthday at Lockology Columbus

Girl at her birthday party

Are you looking to do something different this year for your birthday? Have you heard about escape rooms, and are curious about the experience? Grab your friends and head to Lockology Columbus for a birthday celebration you won’t soon forget.

You may think you know your BFFs, but just wait until you’re locked in a room with all of them! Your group will have up to one hour to solve a series of puzzles to complete your room’s objective.  You’ll have to work together quickly, using the clues around you. Think of it as a real-life video game. Depending on the escape room you choose, you could be hunting down a murderer, escaping from a haunted prison, or even figuring out how to exit a Mayan temple.

Escapes rooms are a collaborative effort, so everyone has to pitch in to succeed. You’ll see a different side of your friends as you work together searching for clues and thinking through strategies. As the clock ticks down, who will stay calm under pressure and who will feel the heat? At an escape room, you won’t just be celebrating your birthday. You’ll be bonding with your friends while creating new memories and having a blast.

We recommend booking your escape room early in order to reserve your preferred time slot. Our escape rooms vary in theme and level of difficulty so you can choose the one that’s just right for your group. Whether you want something easy or are up for more of a challenge, we have an escape room for you. And we’re located off of Bethel Road, so after you’ve worked up an appetite doing detective work, you can enjoy a birthday meal at one of the nearby restaurants. Make this the year you have a killer birthday, and celebrate at Lockology Columbus.

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