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4 Reasons to Take Your Team Members to An Escape Room for a Fun Night Out

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If you want to boost productivity in the workplace, you should organize after-work events. Taking your team members to an escape room is a great way to improve their performance.

It Helps Them Bond

In order for there to be a positive atmosphere in the workplace, the employees need to be comfortable with each other. One way to make this happen is by organizing after-work events where they can get to know each other and have a great time together.

It Helps Them Collaborate

In an escape room, everyone has to work together to figure out the puzzles and escape the room. If collaboration at the office is sometimes stressed, working together in a relaxed and fun environment without any of the usual work pressures will greatly help your employees’ collaboration skills, which will transfer back to the workplace. It will boost the team spirit. Going to an escape room will help your employees develop their problem-solving skills. It will bring out the leadership qualities in them. It will help improve communication between the team members.

It Boosts Their Morale

Everyone needs a break from work. Show your employees your appreciation by taking them on a fun night out. You can also do this when your team has reached certain milestones. Celebrate each milestone that an individual or your team reaches for your team to do a much better job. Everyone wants to feel valued, needed and appreciated. In addition, when all your employees work together to get things done, they will feel better about themselves in general.

They Deserve It

Besides all of the benefits, take your employees to an escape room simply because they deserve it. They worked hard together, and it is time to show them your appreciation by giving them a good time and a night of fun.

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3 Responses

  1. Ashley Turns says:

    Thanks for pointing out that escape rooms can help your team build collaboration skills in a relaxed environment with none of the normal work stress. My boss has been wanting to increase our team building skills, so he has been wondering what would be the best method to help us. I will be sure to tell him that he should get us into an escape room since it will help us learn collaboration skills in a relaxed way.

  2. Riley Smith says:

    I like that you talked about how escape rooms can help boost team spirit. I have been looking for ways to get closer to a team. It would be smart to try an escape room because it could help energize people.

  3. I hadn’t really considered that aspect of it before, but I agree that an escape room would help people to collaborate. As you said, they’ll have to work together to solve puzzles, and working together in such a casual environment makes collaborating stress free. I recently became the manager of a team at work, and I want to make sure I’m doing my best in creating an effective team. Maybe we could arrange to go to an escape room to help us figure out how to work together and have a little fun at the same time.

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